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What to Do if You are Asked to Be a Pallbearer
What to Do if You are Asked to Be a Pallbearer

Pallbearers are a part of a long-standing funeral tradition in which the casket is carried as part of a memorial service or ceremony to its final place of rest. Once a necessary part of a funeral, pallbearers... more »


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The official state bird of Louisiana is the Brown Pelican.  It is well-known for its large bill that has a pouch that can be extended.  The fragrant flowers that grow in Magnolia trees became the official state flower because it grows abundantly all throughout Louisiana.  This state also has a state wildflower which is the Louisiana Iris.  It grows mostly in damp areas of the state and can grow up to 5 to 6 feet.  The colors are so magnificent because it ranges from a deep shade of indigo and an incredibly amazing shade of pale blue.  And where there are flowers, there are insects, too.  The official insect of Louisiana is the honeybee.  They are economically valuable because they produce honey and beeswax, and they help in the process of pollination.   

The Catahoula Leopard dog became its state dog because it is the only breed of dog native to the state.  It is an ideal family pet and guard dog due to its loyalty to owners and aggressiveness when it comes to trespassers.  Louisiana, most especially the south part, is known to be the crawfish capital of the world because of its abundance.  These look almost like lobsters, only much smaller.  They have established farms for these crustaceans for local use and export to other states and countries. 

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