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What Can I Expect from Direct Cremation?
What Can I Expect from Direct Cremation?

One way in which families are saving on costs during the funeral planning process is to consider direct cremation. This process, which entails cremating the deceased without a funeral service, embalming, or body... more »

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Tallulah Funeral Homes

  • Location of Tallulah, Louisiana


    Tallulah is also known as: Madison Parish / Tallulah city.


    The Madison Parish Sheriff's office operates the Steve Hoyle Rehabilitation Center in Tallulah. Tallulah got its name in an unusual way. When the railroad was expanding in the area, a widow who owned a large plantation became friendly with the contractor and persuaded him to change the route of the railroad to run through her plantation. After the railroad was built, she had nothing else to do with him. Feeling rejected, he named the water stop for an old girlfriend named Tallulah, instead of the plantation owner. During the American Civil War, Union gunboats in Lake Providence headed south to Tallulah, where they burned the depot of the Vicksburg, Shreveport, and Texas Railroad and captured Confederate supplies awaiting shipment to Indian Territory. The Confederates in Tallulah offered no resistance. Numerous potential Confederate troops in the area were turned down for enlistment because of a lack of weapons. Tallulah was the first city...

    There are currently 3 funeral home listings for the city of Tallulah, Louisiana.

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All Funeral Homes in Tallulah

Beckwith Golden Gate
1318 W Green St Send flowers
Tallulah, LA 71282


Crothers Glenwood Funeral Home
2 Crothers Dr Send flowers
Tallulah, LA 71284


Funeral by McFarland
508 N Walnut St Send flowers
Tallulah, LA 71284

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