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What Can I Expect from Direct Burial?
What Can I Expect from Direct Burial?

If you're planning a funeral either for your own future or for the recent passing of a loved one, one of the options you'll come across is direct burial. Like traditional burial arrangements, this plan involves purchasing a cemetery plot and interring the body into the ground. However, because you forgo embalming and a formal funeral service, you can typically save quite a bit of money on funeral costs with this option.What is Direct Burial?In direct burial, the body is buried very soon after death occurs. The deceased is typically buried in a simple casket or container rather than... more »

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Ringgold Funeral Homes

There are currently 2 funeral home listings for the city of Ringgold, Louisiana.

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Memorial Funeral Home
1907 Tucker St Send flowers
Ringgold, LA 71068


Rocket Funeral Home
2438 Military Rd Send flowers
Ringgold, LA 71068