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What To Do When Someone Dies: Online Accounts

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Allen Park Funeral Homes

  • Location of Allen Park, Michigan


    Allen Park is also known as: Wayne County / Allen Park city.


    Many of the company's offices and facilities lie within the city limits. Since 2002, Allen Park is the practice home of the Detroit Lions and is also the site of the team's headquarters. 0 square miles (18 km), all land. Allen Park was incorporated as a village in 1927, and as a city in 1957. It was named after Lewis Allen, a well-to-do lawyer and lumberman whose 276½ acres of land (primarily in Ecorse Township) included holdings in what are now Allen Park and Melvindale. Hubert Champaign and Edward Pepper were two other early residents of the area. In 1950 Allen Park did not include the part of the city directly west of Melvindale, Michigan. This area was still part of Ecorse Township. As of the census of 2000, there were 29,376 people, 11,974 households, and 8,202...

    There are currently 4 funeral home listings for the city of Allen Park, Michigan.

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All Funeral Homes in Allen Park

Martenson Funeral Home Incorporated
10915 Allen Rd Send flowers
Allen Park, MI 48101

Michigan Memorial Park
5871 Pelham Rd Send flowers
Allen Park, MI 48101


Voran Funeral Homes Incorporated
5900 Allen Rd Send flowers
Allen Park, MI 48101


Weise Funeral Home
7210 Park Ave Send flowers
Allen Park, MI 48101

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