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Why do you need a funeral at all?
Why do you need a funeral at all?

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    Gladstone is also known as: Delta County / Gladstone city.


    U. Highways 2 and 41 run concurrently through the city, connecting with Escanaba, nine miles (14 km) to the south. US 41 runs north to Marquette and US 2 runs east to Manistique. M-35 runs northwest 52 miles (84 km) to Gwinn and merges with US 2/US 41 south to Escanaba. Throughout the early 19th century, the area where Gladstone exists was largely uninhabited other than the occasional trapper or fisherman. Gladstone was first settled in 1859 when the Hamilton Corporation of Fayette, MI began using it as a shipping point for selling and transporting of their iron ore. [Gladstone Centennial Book Community (1987). Gladstone Centennial History. Gladstone Centennial Book Community. Pp 12–47. ASIN B0010K5HFW] The town was originally named Saunder’s Point after the Hamilton Company’s then-president, David Saunders {Source Needed}. Today, Saunder’s Point still exists as a small peninsula east of Gladstone’s city park system, located in Little Bay De Noc. Expanding beyond its iron ore roots into a shipping...

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All Funeral Homes in Gladstone

Anderson Funeral Home
903 Wisconsin Ave Send flowers
Gladstone, MI 49837


Fernwood Cemetery
3108 S Hill Rd Send flowers
Gladstone, MI 49837


Skradski Funeral Home
706 Wisconsin Ave Send flowers
Gladstone, MI 49837

Skradski Funeral Home
302 S 13th St Send flowers
Gladstone, MI 49837

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