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From Pink Caskets to Camouflage Casket Liners: Customizing a Loved Ones Burial
From Pink Caskets to Camouflage Casket Liners: Customizing a Loved Ones Burial

When most people plan a traditional burial during funeral plans, they do it because there is comfort to be found in the familiar. The act of saying goodbye to a loved one is something that everyone goes through... more »

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    Yale is also known as: Payne County / Yale city.

    Yale tourist attractions include: Jim Thorpe House.

    Yale contains: Jim Thorpe House.

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    Yale's founding in 1895 is attributed to a local farmer, Sterling F. Underwood, who established a post office by that name in his general store, about 1. 5 miles (2. 4 km) east of the present town. When the Eastern Oklahoma Railway built its line across Payne County, a group led by George W. Canfield began a different townsite closer to the railroad. Underwood moved his store to the new site in 1902, making the new site the permanent location for the town of Yale. By 1910, Yale had a population of 685, supported mostly by agricultural services and cotton processing. On September 23, 1913, an oil well on the Randle farm produced a gusher. An even larger gusher began producing a month later. More discoveries quickly followed. By the end of 1914, the combined Yale and Cushing fields were producing 220,000 barrels a day. The town boomed, attaining a population of 2,601 by the census of 1920. The oil boom quickly deflated. Production began to decline sharply in 1915, and more dry holes...

    There is currently 1 funeral home listing for the city of Yale, Oklahoma.

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Yale Palmer Funeral Home
500 E Detroit Ave Send flowers
Yale, OK 74085

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)