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The Truth about Embalming
The Truth about Embalming

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    Dillon is also known as: Dillon County / Dillon city.


    Dillon, South Carolina, the county seat of Dillon County, was established on December 22, 1888. The name of the city came from James W. Dillon, who was a key component in bringing a railroad through this area of the state, which led to development and formation of the County. Dillon’s population has most recently been measured at 6,788. Todd Davis is Dillon’s mayor, as they use the Council-Manager form of city government. According to the 2010 census, the city of Dillon had a total population of 6,788 people which was a 7. The population of the city was composed of 53. 1 % Black or African American persons, 42. 8 % White or Caucasian persons, 1. 6 % American Indian or Alaska Native persons, 1. 2 % persons of Hispanic or Latino origin, and 1. 2 % persons reporting two or more races. There was a recorded 2,454 households, averaging between two and three (2. 57) people per household, as well as 2,916 housing units within the city. Of the 2,916 housing units 13. 7 % were multi-unit structures. The average value of a housing unit was $101,800 for owner occupied units. The census also showed that the population density of Dillon was 1,299. 1 persons per square...

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  • John Chavis (coach) was born in Dillon.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: John Chavis (coach), Derrick Hamilton (american football player), Kevin Steele (coach), and Jason Lumberjack Johnson (actor).

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All Funeral Homes in Dillon

Bartell's Funeral Home
2511 Highway 9 E Send flowers
Dillon, SC 29567


Cooper Funeral Home
209 Black Branch Rd Send flowers
Dillon, SC 29536


Greene's Funeral Home Incorporated
402 E Calhoun St Send flowers
Dillon, SC 29536


House of Thomas Funeral Home
300 Martin Luther King Jr Blvd Send flowers
Dillon, SC 29536


Kannaday's Funeral Home
1252 Highway 57 S Send flowers
Dillon, SC 29536


Resthaven Cemetery
1101 Highway 301 S Send flowers
Dillon, SC 29536

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)