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Superstitions about Funerals
Superstitions about Funerals

When it comes to funeral planning, just about every culture and every family has their own list of traditions. Whether the traditions are as lighthearted as everyone wearing the color red in honor of the... more »


South Carolina Funeral Homes

There are currently 660 funeral home listings for the state of South Carolina. Looking for South Carolina cemeteries?

South Carolina's capital is Columbia and also given the nickname as the Palmetto State. South Carolina derived its name from King Charles. But there had been two King Charles in history though according to records, it was King Charles I of England where South Carolina got its name.

Ten of the biggest cities in South Carolina are Columbia, Charleston, North Charleston, Rock Hill, Mount Pleasant, Greenville, Sumter, Spartanburg, Summerville, Hilton Head Island. With the state's rich agricultural lands, it produces abundant peaches, tobacco and cotton. Aside form these crops, dairy products, poultry and beef cattle are also industries that contributes to its economy.

One of the most interesting festivals in South Carolina is the 'Chitlin' Strut' which is annually held in Salley. The said festival features the preparation of chitterlings or boiled hog internals (intestines). Started on 1966 as a way to raise money in decorating the whole town of Salley on Christmas and until now has become one of the well-known festivals in this part of US.

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