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Funerals and Dove Release Memorials
Funerals and Dove Release Memorials

If you're funeral planning for a loved one and want to incorporate a touching memorial, a dove release ceremony might be the perfect choice. Dove release ceremonies are common in both funerals and weddings, with a similar role in each one. For funerals, the dove's ascension represents the final journey of the soul into Heaven; for weddings, it is a message of hope for the future. The final outcome in both cases is that family members are comforted and able to look past the present emotions to a happy lifetime ahead of them.What Types of Doves are Released at Funerals?The doves... more »

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Johnston Funeral Homes

There are currently 3 funeral home listings for the city of Johnston, South Carolina.

All Funeral Homes in Johnston

Amos & Sons Incorporated
412 Railroad Ave Send flowers
Johnston, SC 29832


Bland Funeral Home
384 Lee St Send flowers
Johnston, SC 29832


Davis Funeral Home of Johnston
307 Lee St Send flowers
Johnston, SC 29832