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How to Plan a Cheap Funeral

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Lake City Funeral Homes

  • Location of Lake City in South Carolina


    Lake City is also known as: Florence County / Lake City city.


    The Lake City area was originally part of Williamsburg Township, which was first settled by a group of Scotch-Irish in 1736. It was first called Graham's Crossroads and then Graham, after Aaron Graham, a land owner around the crossroads that now form Church and Main Streets in Lake City. In 1856, the Northeastern Railroad built its main line through the area. This brought new growth to the community and on March 4, 1874, after requests from residents, a city charter was granted to the new town of Graham. On December 24, 1883, the town changed its name to Lake City, after the swimming lakes just north of town. This was at the request of the locally-serving Lynches Lake Post Office, since there was another post office in South Carolina known as that. This small town had a population of 300 in 1893, and by 1898 the area had become the leading strawberry cropland in South Carolina...

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  • Ronald McNair (physicist and  astronaut) was born in Lake City.

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Ronald McNair (physicist and astronaut), Derrick Burgess (american football player), Tripp Cromer (baseball player), D. T. Cromer (baseball player), and Darla Moore (entrepreneur and businessperson).

    Obituaries for residents might be found in these newspapers: Lake City News & Post.

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All Funeral Homes in Lake City

Brockington Funeral Home
122 W Thomas St Send flowers
Lake City, SC 29560


Fryar Funeral Home
1250 N Matthews Rd Send flowers
Lake City, SC 29591


Graham & Godwin Funeral Home
384 S Church St Send flowers
Lake City, SC 29560

Green's Funeral Home
309 S Church St Send flowers
Lake City, SC 29560


Lake City Memorial Park
522 W Main St Send flowers
Lake City, SC 29560


Samuels & Richardson Funeral
145 N Church St Send flowers
Lake City, SC 29560

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)