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How to Choose a Funeral Service Provider
How to Choose a Funeral Service Provider

There are no laws in the United States that require you to choose a funeral home for all your funeral planning needs. Technically, you could coordinate the entire interment on your own (or under the guidance of a licensed provider), as long as you adhere to all the legal requirements in your county and fill out all the appropriate paperwork that accompanies death. For more in depth guidance, download our guide "7 Insider Tips You Need to Know Before Funeral Planning"However, because there is so much red tape to wade through, and because death is a difficult time to start... more »

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St Matthews Funeral Homes

There are currently 3 funeral home listings for the city of St Matthews, South Carolina.

All Funeral Homes in St Matthews

Carson's Funeral Home
Bellville Rd Send flowers
St Matthews, SC 29135


Hj Jenkins Funeral Home
2207 Liberty St Send flowers
St Matthews, SC 29135

Holly Funeral Home
102 Church St Send flowers
St Matthews, SC 29135