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Placing Mementos into a Loved Ones Casket
Placing Mementos into a Loved Ones Casket

Todays funeral caskets have the option to come equipped with specialty drawers that allow you to incorporate a uniquely personal touch. Located on the lid or side panels, these memorial drawers are similar to ones you might find in a jewelry chestsmall, elegant, and perfect for holding mementos that signify a lifetime of happiness.The practice of placing memorial keepsakes with a body being prepared for burial is nothing new. In fact, its one of the oldest funeral traditions, as evident by the great tombs of Egypt and the remains of early humans found buried with their... more »

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Lamar Funeral Homes

There are currently 3 funeral home listings for the city of Lamar, South Carolina.

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Belk Funeral Home
217 Main St Send flowers
Lamar, SC 29069


Hines Funeral Home
201 E Pearl St Send flowers
Lamar, SC 29069


Kistler Funeral Home
301 Main St Send flowers
Lamar, SC 29069