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Should You Have a Memorial Service Instead of a Funeral?
Should You Have a Memorial Service Instead of a Funeral?

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Cheraw Funeral Homes

  • Historic Town Hall in downtown Cheraw


    Cheraw is also known as: Chesterfield County / Cheraw town.

    Cheraw contains: St. David's Episcopal Church and Cemetery and Cheraw State Park.

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  • Location of Cheraw, South Carolina

    Interesting Facts

    Some of the notable people born here have been: Andy Hall (american football player), David Thornton (actor), Dale Hatcher (american football player), Harry Newsome (american football player), Cliff Matthews (american football player), and Ty Gainey (baseball player).

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  • History

    " The harbor tug USS Cheraw was named in the town's honor. At the time of European encounter, the original inhabitants of the area were the Cheraw and Pee Dee American Indian tribes. The Cheraw lived near the river hill, near present-day Cheraw, but by the 1730s they had been devastated by disease. Survivors joined the Catawba Confederacy for safety and left their name in history. Only a few scattered Cheraw families remained by the time of the American Revolution. A few European settlers entered their territory in the 1730s, forced upriver when the Welsh came to claim the Welsh Baptist lands granted by the English government in the area around Society Hill. Many of the early settlers around the 1740s in Cheraw were ethnic English, Scots, French Huguenots, or Irish. By 1750, Cheraw had become an established Anglo-American village with a growing river trade, one of the first inland...

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All Funeral Homes in Cheraw

Chatham Hill Memorial Gardens
1265 Highway 1 S Send flowers
Cheraw, SC 29520


Flemming's Funeral Homes Incorporated
101 Market St Send flowers
Cheraw, SC 29520


Grooms Funeral Home & Memorial
1071 Highway 1 S Send flowers
Cheraw, SC 29520


Kiser Funeral Home
1020 State Rd Send flowers
Cheraw, SC 29520


Morris Funeral Cottage Incorporated
284 2nd St Send flowers
Cheraw, SC 29520


Norton Funeral Home
417 3rd St Send flowers
Cheraw, SC 29520


Reid's Funeral Home
108 Kershaw St Send flowers
Cheraw, SC 29520

D.V. Huffman Home (Doylestown, OH)