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Cemetery Visits Provide Healing and Grief Therapy

Tuesday, May 25th, 2010

Cemetary visits are a healthy part of bereavementBurial options are more diverse today than they have ever been before. People are opting for everything from traditional cemetery plots and urns to more unusual choices like donation for the advancement of science and medicine. All of these are part of the natural process of passing on, and the decision of which one to choose ultimately rests with the deceased and the family he or she leaves behind.

One important consideration when choosing which type of burial method to use involves taking into account the power of having a place to bereave. The process of grieving the loss of a loved one is a very personalized and individual one. No two people will handle the process in exactly the same way, and there is no real way to prepare for the pain of losing someone you care about. However, one of the features of grief that is almost universal is the power of having someplace you can go to say your goodbyes and heal properly.


Practice Your Ethical Beliefs with a Green Funeral

Sunday, May 16th, 2010

Green funerals are beneficial for the environment.As environmental awareness has grown, the idea of green funerals has become more and more appealing to those who wish to lessen their impact on the earth. From green coffins to funeral homes that have adapted an entirely eco-friendly approach, those who choose to live an ecologically responsible lifestyle may be both sur prised and pleased to learn about the variety of green funeral options that continue to emerge.

Green Funeral Options

· Green Coffins: Caskets can create a problem when it comes to planning a green funeral. The heavy, polished wood and metal coffins that are commonly chosen are not easily biodegradable and can significantly inhibit the process of returning ones remains to the earth. So-calle d “green coffins” have a lower impact and biodegrade much more quickly and easily. A number of options are available for those looking for green coffins, with bamboo, cardboard, and jute being good choices. Some choose to forego even a green coffin, opting instead to be buried in only a shroud.


Online Store for Burial Pre-Planning

Tuesday, May 11th, 2010

Funeral Preplanning

With the Internet, it’s a new world for pre-planning your final wishes and making advance arrangements. Many sites offer pre-planning advice, guides, and more. Good pre-planning resources can also be found on our resource section at But, when it comes time to make your burial pre-arrangements, there is something new –

It used to be that consumers visited a number of cemeteries to learn about their options and make purchases based on their plans. Along the way, they dealt with a myriad of sales people and mingled alongside grieving families making arrangements for someone who had recently passed. The entire process of pre-planning is changing dramatically.