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What To Do When Someone Dies: Bank Accounts
What To Do When Someone Dies: Bank Accounts

In the event of the death of a loved one or friend, there is so much more to deal with than just the emotions and pain of the passing. The harsh realities of modern life mean that anyone who leaves the world almost always also leaves behind a number of accounts, financial documents, and paperwork that has to be sorted through.Although funeral pre-plans, wills, and power of attorney orders can go a long way in putting your affairs in order before you die, most people don't have the luxury of preparing for their own death. This series of articles should help you to determine how and when... more »

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There are currently 5 funeral home listings for the city of Stillwater, Oklahoma. Looking for Stillwater cemeteries?

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Bernhardts Strode Funeral Home Incorporated
610 S Duncan St Send flowers
Stillwater, OK 74078


Fairlawn Cemetery
1123 E 6th Ave Send flowers
Stillwater, OK 74078

Funeral Career Personnel
610 S Duncan St Send flowers
Stillwater, OK 74078


Palmer Marler Carberry Funeral Home
5106 N Washington St Send flowers
Stillwater, OK 74075


Sunset Memorial Gardens
6500 S Perkins Rd Send flowers
Stillwater, OK 74074