The Dos and Don’ts of Using Pinterest to Plan a Funeral

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Pinterest to Plan a Funeral

The Dos and Don’ts of Using Pinterest to Plan a Funeral

As anyone who’s ever used Pinterest knows, a quick trip to the website can quickly turn into a few hours. Although the popular “bulletin board” platform is usually a favorite among brides, DIYers, and those with an artistic bent, it is also becoming more common for those who want to plan a unique memorial service. From lists of great funeral songs to ideas for sharing memories, you will find hundreds of beautiful and memorable ways to say goodbye.

However, at a time when your emotions are high and you might not have as much time as you would like to spend on these projects, it is a good idea to step back and gauge the practicality of funeral crafts. Before you spend the next few days looking for a stand-out way to plan a funeral for a loved one, here are a few guidelines for using Pinterest to plan a funeral.

Pinterest Dos

  • Use the website as a way to spark ideas. Many unique and beautiful ideas exist here, and you might find ways to organize a guestbook or decorate centerpieces that you never thought of before.
  • Search for funerals, weddings, and catered events. Not every funeral planning idea started out as part of a mourning ritual. Look for other types of life celebrations that include lots of relatives and a day you all want to cherish.
  • Assign a realistic time frame and cost to each item you pin. Money and time are two things that are in limited quantities when planning a funeral. Many of the ideas on Pinterest take a considerable investment (or a high level of skill) to pull off successfully. Be realistic about your capabilities and how much time you will have between now and the funeral.
  • Share your findings with loved ones. Going over funeral planning ideas online is one way to grieve; sharing them with others is another. Make sure you give other people a chance to participate in your grief.

Pinterest Don’ts

  • Lose sight of the big picture. A beautiful funeral service or memorial party is important, but not as important as taking care of yourself. Do not let projects replace your feelings.
  • Expect similar results. Pinterest is notorious for lifting people’s crafting and DIY hopes only to result in catastrophic outcomes. Many of these “pins” are put together by professionals and shot by photographers with huge portfolios. They are not always meant to be duplicated.
  • Cut out your funeral director. Funeral directors often have a better idea of what’s feasible and how to make a memorial service special. Ask them for ideas or insight, and you might be surprised at what they can offer.
  • Put qualifiers on the outcome. If the craft does not turn out as well as you hoped, do not let it become a reflection on your love of the deceased. Funerals are never going to be “perfect.” They are sometimes loud, sometimes messy, sometimes moving, sometimes disastrous, and always, always an important part of saying goodbye.

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