How to Wear Your Hair for a Funeral

How to Wear Your Hair for a Funeral

How to Wear Your Hair for a Funeral

What to wear to a funeral is always a matter of concern for people who are not accustomed to the traditions of mourning. From the shoes you wear and the funeral attire you choose to the accessories that pull the outfit together, the statement you make by your appearance is one that the family will remember for years to come.

That is why funeral hairstyles are just as important as the clothes. Make sure you keep your level of respect and reverence high by choosing a hairdo that does not draw attention or detract from the memorial service.

Women’s Hair for Funerals

  • If you have long hair, it is best to pull your hair up or back instead of leaving it free-flowing. An elegant knot at the back of your head, a low ponytail, or a discreet braid are all good choices. Any hairstyle you would wear to a job interview works in this scenario.
  • Women with short- to medium-length hair should plan on wearing their hair in a way that minimizes distractions. Anything fussy or that requires you to constantly adjust hairclips or bobby pins is probably not a good idea. Go for sleek, minimal designs.
  • Hats can be acceptable (especially at upscale funerals), but make sure they are in keeping with the tone of the day. Dark colors, small enough sizes that people can see around you, and non-theatrical looks are best.
  • Avoid glittery barrettes and clips. It is perfectly fine to use accessories to hold your hair back and act as jewelry, but avoid going over the top with it. Bright colors and sparkles are usually best left at home.
  • You do not have to dye over or hide brightly colored or unique hairstyles, but do be prepared to minimize the shock of it. Tame your pink or purple hair by pulling it back in a bun. Downplay the spiky, asymmetrical cut by wearing minimalist jewelry. Consider adding a scarf to give a more somber appearance overall.

Men’s Hair for Funerals

How to Wear Your Hair for a Funeral

Because it is shorter and rarely requires more than a few minutes of attention in the morning, men’s hair tends to be much easier to style for funerals. As a general rule:

  • Avoid anything attention-drawing (such as a Mohawk or colorful spikes of hair).
  • Do not wear hats or baseball caps at the service, and if you do wear them, remember to remove the item a few hours prior to the ceremony to avoid hat-hair.
  • Make sure your hair is clean and recently cut.


Above all else, bear in mind where the funeral will be taking place. Outdoor funerals bring with them considerations of heat, wind, rain, and snow. Plan accordingly and always remember that less is more when it comes to doing your hair for a funeral.

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