Where to Scatter a Pet’s Ashes

Where to Scatter a Pet’s Ashes

Where to Scatter a Pet’s Ashes

Here at iMortuary, we spend quite a bit of time talking about what to do with the cremated remains of our loved ones (including scattering them, interring them in the ground, and storing them in an urn or columbarium niche), but it is rare that we go into depth about appropriate ways to dispose of an animal’s cremains.

However, for many people, the loss of a pet is more personal than the loss of a loved one. After all, our pets are the ones we wake up to every day and come home to every night. They are our constant companions and (oftentimes) best friends.

If you recently lost a pet and received the cremated remains, you may be wondering where to scatter them to say goodbye. Here are a few of the favorite locations for scattering a pet’s ashes for you to consider.

  • Beloved Park or Walking Spot: If you and your dog took frequent walks or enjoyed a particular park for its open fields and running trails, consider taking the ashes there to be scattered.
  • Beach, Lake, or Pond: Swimming is an activity thousands of dogs love, and there are few things more entertaining than watching your pet jump in and out of the water to play fetch. Choose a favorite location or hidden beach where you spent a lot of time together.
  • Backyard: Pets spend the majority of their time at home and in the backyard. Scatter the ashes under a tree or throughout the backyard. You will appreciate knowing they are close.
  • With Family and Friends: If your pet was a particularly friendly one, they might prefer to be scattered by all the people who came and went in his/her life. Consider asking friends and family to each take part of the ashes home to scatter somewhere important to them.
  • Farm or Meadow: There is something poetic about telling kids that animals don’t die so much as go on to live in a huge farm where they can run and enjoy all that nature has to offer. Make this story true by finding a farm willing to let you scatter the ashes there.
  • Out a Window: Many a dog has enjoyed a cross-country trip with a head out the window, enjoying the ruffle of high-speed winds in their hair. A lonely stretch of highway could be a great place to toss the ashes to the wind.

Regardless of where you choose to scatter the ashes, remember that many states and counties have regulations in place about when and where you can perform this task. Always check with officials if you are unsure about whether or not you are allowed to perform this ceremony in a designated location.

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