Most Expensive Places to Be Buried in the United States

Most Expensive Places to Be Buried in the United States

Most Expensive Places to Be Buried in the United States

Any time you search online for funeral prices and burial costs, you are likely to find a familiar caveat: how much you will end up paying depends on where you live.

This is not a very helpful statement if you are looking for specific funeral costs in your area, but it makes sense. Location will always determine price. Almost everything costs more in a metropolitan center like New York or Los Angeles, and areas where space is limited (think Massachusetts) is always going to put a higher premium on land than someplace where there is plenty to spare (we’re looking at you, Wyoming).

It is no surprise, then, that the world’s most expensive burial grounds are in densely populated areas like London, Paris, and Dublin. Not only do these cities have more deaths to contend with on an annual basis, but cultural and religious restrictions mean that cremation is not always seen as a viable alternative, which means the land continues to be used up.

Closer to home, you are most likely to find the highest prices in Hollywood, New York, and Boston. Here are a few of the most expensive cemeteries in the United States.

  • Hollywood Hills: Not only is this area highly populated, but cemeteries also have famous graves to hold up as an incentive. Many people are willing to pay top dollar to be interred near their favorite stars.
  • Santa Barbara: Another California city where real estate comes at a high price, Santa Barbara cemeteries also offer the most beautiful, sweeping vistas overlooking the ocean. Expect to pay more for an ocean view.
  • Houston/Dallas: Even though there is plenty of space in Texas, upscale cemeteries like those found in the more affluent parts of Houston and Dallas offer burial at a price. Keeping this area lush and green also costs more, so landscaping factors into the overall cost.
  • New York: Some of the more famous and historic New York cemeteries are considered “elite.” Burial here either requires a huge upfront investment or a long-term family plot that has been around for hundreds of years.
  • Cambridge/Boston: Another busy area where land is at a premium, this area is home to several affluent families and historical figures. The cemeteries here match, and the restricted city space leaves little room for expansion above and beyond the existing graves.

Interestingly enough, the famous cemeteries of the South tend not to factor on this expensive list. Although areas like Georgia and Louisiana contain some of the most beautiful cemeteries in the world, they do not experience the skyrocketed prices present in other parts of the world. Due in large part to the abundance of space (and also to a less monetary approach to death), you might be able to find a gorgeous, historic plot here for little more than you would pay in a modern cemetery.

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