Best Places to Scatter Ashes

Best Places to Scatter AshesIf you’ve recently cremated a loved one and are looking for creative yet respectful ways to dispose of the ashes, an ash scattering ceremony is a good choice. Although not every public or private area allows for this kind of option, these locations are some of the favorites for scattering ashes and saying goodbye.

  • Garden or Flowerbed: There’s no reason why you have to travel to the ocean or far away to send the proper respects to the deceased. One of the most popular places to scatter ashes is in the deceased’s garden, orchard, or flowerbed. Because it’s your own land, you don’t have to worry about getting permission, and you can erect any kind of monument you want afterwards.
  • Favorite Nature Walk: Whether the deceased was a hiker, a biker, a skier, or simply loved a particular patch of woods, it’s always nice to consider a part of nature where they found peace. Because many of these areas are part of state or city parklands, be sure and check with authorities before you scatter the ashes.
  • Watering Holes: While the ocean is one of the more commonplace ash scattering locations, any body of water can work. A beloved fishing hole, a lake where the deceased has a cabin, a river, or even a mountain stream can provide a great farewell destination. This is one area where you really do need permission first, however, because any body of water that feeds into a drinking source is subject to strict rules.
  • Up in the Sky: There’s no reason why you have to keep ashes on the ground. If you have access to an airplane (helicopters, skydivers, or hot air balloons can also work), you may want to cast the ashes into the wind. Always be careful of the direction the wind is blowing, though, so that the ashes go out rather than back in your direction.
  • Urban Jungle: Most of the places we talk about as ideal locations for scattering ashes are in rural spaces. Farms and rivers, gardens and mountains—they all capture the majesty of our planet and the timelessness of nature. However, not everyone has a love of the great outdoors. For those who enjoyed a faster pace to life, you can choose to disburse the ashes in a community garden, a public park, or even a bridge or landmark that held special meaning.

There is no wrong answer to the question of where to scatter ashes. As long as you have permission and are meeting all local health codes, anything that brings you and your family peace is a worthwhile location. 

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