Cremation Urn Alternatives

Cremation Urn AlternativesFuneral planning traditions exist for a reason—to provide a time-honored and familiar ritual for those who are lost in their bereavement. People derive quite a bit of comfort from familiarity, and even though funerals tend to be somber affairs, they provide a place for people to turn when they need it most.

So what do you do when it’s not tradition that brings you joy? What funeral options are available to you if you’d rather not perform the same rituals being done all over the world?

One answer is to choose cremation. And not just cremation—you can also look for a nontraditional cremation urn that allows you to keep being unique long after the funeral is done.

Why an Urn?

Urns exist to provide a resting place for cremated remains. Although many people opt to scatter or bury cremated remains, the ashes must still be transferred from place to place, and a plastic bag or cardboard box doesn’t seem to carry the same kind of meaning as a more permanent receptacle.

Cremation Urn Alternatives

Traditional urns range from large, ornate metal options to eco-friendly recyclable boxes, and all of them come with their own pros and cons. No matter what type of urn you’re considering, however, one of the biggest cons is that a traditional urn can cost upwards of thousands of dollars.

Inexpensive Urn Options

There is no limit to what you can use for an urn. Was the deceased an avid fisherman? A tackle box with a strong clasp could be the perfect choice. Cigar lover? Why not a vintage cigar case? Star Trek fan? No problem. Novelty urns exist for just about every piece of pop culture there is. You can even sew your beloved relative into a throw pillow.

While these options fly in the face of tradition, there are less showy urn types, as well.

  • Scattering Tubes provide an inexpensive, temporary solution for families waiting for the right time to scatter the ashes of a loved one.
  • Memorial Planters are eco-friendly cremation urns that provide a place to plant a commemorative tree or flower.
  • Urn Vaults allow you to protect the ashes in an extra layer of durability, perfect if you intend to bury the ashes or show them in your home.
  • Eco-Boxes make a perfect choice for those who want to bury the ashes in a favorite garden or as part of a memorial tree.

The truth is, there is no wrong way to choose an urn. As long as you adhere to all local safety and sanitation laws (and as long as you have permission from the deceased or the next of kin), you can memorialize the dearly departed however you want. And the personalized touch that you add to the funeral plans might make all the difference in the life of someone else is hurting from your shared loss.

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