Pet Burial (in a Formal Setting)

Pet Burial (in a Formal Setting)When it comes to our families, some of us have a few more members of the four-footed variety. Funeral planning for our pet isn’t something that comes up very often between playtime and feeding, but it is an issue that has to be addressed. Cats and dogs have shorter life spans than humans, making burial arrangements an inevitable necessity. Understanding your options, however, can make planning a funeral for your pet much easier.

Pet Burial Options

Many pet owners initially think of burying their pet at home in the yard. While it’s true that funeral planning at home is easier, there are some important things to consider. First, is it legal? Health regulations have become stricter in recent years, and a home burial may actually violate the law. Also, what happens if you need to move? If you’ve made final arrangements for your beloved pet in the backyard, you may be forced to leave the remains behind if you sell your home.

Fortunately, most areas have pet cemeteries available for final arrangements. Many even offer preplanning benefits, leaving you free to mourn the loss of your pet when the time comes instead of making difficult decisions about what to purchase and how to pay for it. By paying early with a pre
need funeral, you can also lock in today’s rates when funeral planning.

When making final arrangements, it is important to note that prices vary widely. If there is more than one pet burial option in your area, be sure to check out their funeral program pricing. Some may offer lower rates for group interment, for example. If you choose to have a private grave for your pet, be aware that this funeral planning can be significantly more expensive.

Pet Burial (in a Formal Setting)

Additional Considerations

Different sizes of pets may also cost more for burial arrangements. Cats and small dogs, for example, will cost significantly less than larger dogs. Some people make funeral preparations for their horses, and these gravesites are so large that they may cost as much as a site to bury a deceased human.

Add-ins when funeral planning for your pet can be pricey, as well. Many funeral homes now offer viewings and services for pets, and there are costs involved in choosing these options. Caskets are available in a range of prices, as are headstones to mark the spot. All of these will change the total cost of interring your pet.

In order to lower the cost of final arrangements, many pet owners choose to hold private services for their pets in their own homes, or to meet at the site of the grave to remember their loss. Instead of a costly casket, it is quite appropriate to choose to bury your pet in a favorite blanket instead. A simple grave marker instead of an elaborate one will also help to reduce costs. Cremation is another option. The remains can be interred at the pet cemetery, but the cost for the space and the interment is far less than with burial arrangements.

Coping with the Loss of a Pet

The death of a pet can be devastating, and knowing how to permanently memorialize your furry friend isn’t easy. Understanding how pet cemeteries work, what your options are, and what the costs involved with funeral planning for a pet are, will make the experience less complicated, if not less painful.

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