The Funeral Home Staff

The Funeral Home Staff

The Funeral Home Staff

When you plan a funeral for a loved one, chances are you will be in contact with the funeral director and/or the funeral assistant for most of the time. These individuals serve as the point of communication for almost all your burial and cremation needs, making it easy for you to form a personal connection and ensure that you receive the high level of service you deserve.

While these professionals do put in long hours and work hard to make the funeral service perfect, they are not the only ones in employment at a funeral home. There are often dozens of workers behind the scenes, all of them coming together to provide great service to your family in your time of need.

  • Funeral Director: Many funeral homes have multiple funeral directors. Because this professional is the one who serves as your main point of contact, it is important that they are able to give you their full attention. This means the funeral home might have several on staff, especially because they are available 24/7. In addition to communicating with you, the funeral director oversees the entire funeral planning process from start to finish, and often handles the physical remains of your loved one, as well.
  • Funeral Assistant: The funeral assistant works side-by-side with the funeral director to make sure your loved one receives optimal care. These professionals may help deliver and care for the physical remains, help coordinate services, and be present at the funeral to oversee every detail.
  • Embalmer: Funeral directors are often embalmers, but not all embalmers are funeral directors. These individuals prepare the body for burial or cremation, and may do anything from simply wash and dress the remains to performing a full embalming.
  • Crematorium Operator: This certified professional runs a crematorium, overseeing all safety and sanitation codes to ensure that bodies are disposed of in a proper manner. Unless you are having a direct cremation performed or you choose to be present at the cremation, chances are you won’t have any contact with this professional.
  • Office Staff: Every office needs staff to keep things running, and funeral homes are no different. When you arrive or call, you will most likely be greeted by administrative assistants, who also help with things like filing the appropriate death-related paperwork and supporting the rest of the staff.
  • Community Outreach Coordinator: Many funeral homes are active in their communities, providing support to aging populations and ensuring that families are educated about their burial and cremation choices. An outreach coordinator or other marketing professional may be on hand to help answer your questions.
  • Celebrant/Musician: Larger funeral homes have professionals available to help oversee the memorial or funeral service. A celebrant, pianist, musician, or other orator may be on staff to serve when and where you need them.
  • Pre-Arrangement/Preneed Specialist: In an age when more and more people are choosing to take care of their funeral plans in advance, it makes sense for funeral homes to hire preneed specialists. These individuals can sit down with you and your family to go over all the different funeral pre-plan options available to you, and can usually set up your account, as well.

Every funeral home is run a little bit differently, so you may find different combinations of staff members depending on where you look. In almost all cases, however, these professionals are fully certified and licensed to provide you the best possible service from start to finish.

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