Caskets for Dogs

Caskets for DogsWhen a beloved pet dies, saying goodbye with a formal funeral can be necessary to get the proper closure. This is especially true for animals like dogs, who often spend entire lifetimes by our side, providing comfort and protection.

Whether you plan a pet funeral at a pet cemetery or in your own backyard, the proper sendoff can make all the difference. That’s why many people are turning to casket manufacturers and online pet funeral vendors to supply them with all the necessary materials…including dog caskets.

Types of Dog Caskets

Caskets for Dogs

Although you might think dog caskets are difficult to find or purchase, there are actually quite a few styles and formats to choose from. Unless you live in a large city, you may have to buy your canine casket online and have it shipped to you, but most providers are aware of time limitations on burial and are willing to process orders quickly.

  • Plastic Dog Caskets: Traditional caskets for humans rarely come in plastic, but it’s actually quite common (and inexpensive) for pet burial materials. They carry the same look as more expensive wooden caskets and can come with elegant liners, which can add a nice touch to your pet funeral. However, because plastic isn’t biodegradable, it does put a bigger strain on the environment to bury it.
  • Metal Dog Caskets: Stainless steel caskets are popular for people and are available for pets, as well. The cost for these types of materials tends to be fairly high compared to other casket types, but the result is an elegant sendoff for your pet.
  • Wooden Dog Caskets: If you’d like to stick to a more classic look, then a wood casket designed for a pet might be ideal. As is the case with traditional caskets, these come in a variety of stains and woods so that you can choose the best option for your budget.
  • Eco-Friendly Dog Caskets: If you’d like to plan a green funeral for your pet, you can opt for a cardboard casket or other environmentally friendly alternative. Although these tend to be less ornate, they are cost-effective and don’t put a strain on natural resources.

An additional option for a dog casket is to make one yourself. If you have carpentry skills or are good with a needle, it can be quite therapeutic to go through the process of craftsmanship. You can use simple wood to create a box with a lid, sew a shroud, or even go all out and buy a DIY casket kit.

Because there are fewer restrictions on pet burials than human ones, you have more in the way of choice when it comes to caskets. As long as you follow local health and safety codes, you should be able to lay your dog to rest however you feel it is right. And that’s the most important thing.

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