End-of-Life Care: Preparing for the Funeral

End-of-Life Care: Preparing for the FuneralOne of the greatest gifts we can give families as they prepare for the loss of a loved one is assistance with funeral planning. These days, most funerals cost in excess of $10,000 and require dozens of decisions related to the type of interment, a final resting place, and how to celebrate the life of the deceased.

When people have been given the chance to put their affairs in order in the days, weeks, or months leading up to death, all these choices become a little easier. That’s because in addition to having more time to make the difficult decisions, families can also ensure that they make the most out of the funeral planning.

Helping Families Make the Right Choices

So many of the questions we get at iMortuary have to do with finding the best funeral value without doing a disservice to the deceased. It’s a tricky balance to find—on the one hand, families don’t want to go deep into debt to provide a fitting funeral; on the other, it’s important to stick to the kinds of traditions that make a funeral memorable, no matter what the cost.

That’s why we’ve put together a free resource that highlights “insider tips” for funeral planning. It contains all those things funeral directors don’t always like to tell families…like what it means to purchase a casket from a third-party vendor or how independent funeral homes are different than the ones owned by larger corporations.  Having access to this information, which isn’t commonly known, can mean the difference between the kind of funeral that starts the healing process right away and the kind that only contributes to the stress and emotions of loss.

End-of-Life Care: Preparing for the Funeral

Because end-of-life caregivers are in a position of trust, you have the unique ability to help equip families with the information they need to make informed decisions. And as far as we’re concerned, that makes you one of the most valuable resources a grieving family has.

Talking about Funerals

In recent years, many of the walls have been broken down regarding the funeral planning industry, and people are finding it easier to talk about death and to make demands of funeral homes to ensure their rights are respected.

We couldn’t be happier about it.

It doesn’t matter what religion, culture, or traditions a family adheres to—they all deserve respect and choice when it comes to funeral planning. We are so glad to be able to do our part to get the conversation started, and we hope caregivers like you can keep it going. Death is never easy, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a burden.

The free downloadable resource, “7 Insider Tips to Know before Funeral Planning” is available through our website at https://www.imortuary.com/resources.

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