Funeral Ideas for Mom

Funeral Ideas for Mom

Funeral Ideas for Mom

Planning a funeral for a parent is always difficult, no matter how old you are or how much time you had to say goodbye. When it comes to losing a mother, you might feel even more overwhelmed, as this was the person you turned to for comfort in moments just like these.

To make a funeral special for your mom, you may want to personalize the service or hold a special brunch or dinner afterward. Here are a few ideas for creating a unique and personalized tribute for one of the most important people to touch your life.

  • Raid Her Garden: If your mother was a gardener or loved the outdoors, skip the formal funeral flowers or add to them with hand-picked blooms in her favorite varieties. Other ideas might include drying the flowers and putting them in sachets to hand out at the memorial service, or handing out seed packets of her favorite flower.
  • Showcase Her Art: Was your mother a painter, a knitter, a cross-stitcher? Did she scrapbook or have another creative outlet? One of the best ways to honor a loved one is to showcase their work at a funeral or memorial service. Having large pieces framed adds a touch of elegance to the funeral—and you can also take the item home and hang it up afterward.
  • Gather Her Friends: A funeral brings people together regardless of circumstances, but you can take things one step further by having a special event for your mom’s closest friends. Host a tea, throw a girls’ night out, or hold an informal gathering at home.
  • Cook Her Recipes: We almost all have favorite mom recipes—those special dishes from our childhood, which never taste quite as good when they don’t come from her hands. A funeral is a good place to serve these foods, even if you can’t quite perfect her recipes yet. Another option might be to collect these recipes into a book that can be given out at the funeral or kept for personal use.
  • Make a Mom Collage/Scrapbook/Memory Book: Ask people to bring (or send) favorite photographs, cards, memories, mementos, and other items that remind them of your mother. These can be put into a collage or scrapbook and put on display at the funeral.
  • Play Her Favorite Music: One of the best ways to make a funeral personalized is to create a playlist of her favorite songs. This can be played before the funeral, after the funeral, during the service, or even burned onto CDs and handed out afterwards.

Honoring a loved one after a funeral is always a difficult task—and never more so than when you are honoring the woman who gave you life. By taking a little extra time to think of the things that made her happy in life, you can honor her in death and start your grieving process on your own terms.

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