Gravesite Caretaker Services

Gravesite Caretaker ServicesOne of the most overwhelming and often overlooked aspects of funeral planning is taking care of the gravesite long after the deceased has passed on. Although most cemeteries offer some form of on-site caretaking (such as mowing and weeding, clearing the headstones, and removing unsightly or faded floral displays), this is a service that doesn’t always come standard. And in many cases, their level of care might not meet your expectations.

If you live nearby the cemetery, or if visiting the gravesite is part of your natural healing process, taking care of the headstone might not be that difficult. However, distance, infirmity, time constraints, and even your own emotional hurdles often get in the way—which is when it might be time to consider a gravesite care provider.

What is Gravesite Care?

Also known as cemetery beautification or gravesite maintenance, these types of services exist to provide long-term care to a headstone or burial plot that is done entirely in the background. Depending on the organization you hire (and the level of service you choose), you could opt for any of the following:

  • Sympathy flowers and funeral flowers (regularly updated and refreshed)
  • Plot maintenance
  • Gravesite beautification
  • Stone restoration and leveling
  • Flower planting and watering
  • Landscaping (including seeding, fertilizing, trimming, and watering)
  • Headstone cleaning and polishing
  • Vault repairs
  • Bereavement products (in-ground vases, memorial items, wreaths, flags, etc.)

Restrictions and Considerations

Gravesite Caretaker Services

Gravesite services like these aren’t available everywhere, and your cemetery might have restrictions about outside providers coming in to provide services. There might also be restrictions in place regarding the type and size of decorations you can have on-site.

In most cases, you can find organizations like this in larger cities or, in the case of national providers, ones that follow along a designated route through smaller towns. You might also be able to hire an individual to help you maintain the grave of a loved one. Although there are fewer guarantees when you do this, you might be able to find a trusted family member who is willing to make a weekly visit or even ask a regular landscaping company if they could provide the service for an additional fee.

Is Gravesite Caretaking Right for You?

No matter how much you might love and care for the dearly departed, time will eventually take its toll on the physical reminders of their existence. Headstones crumble, grasses grow, and bodies break down to return to the earth—and no amount of preparation or care will prevent this from happening.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to commemorate the deceased in a way that provides you with comfort. If you will feel more at peace knowing the gravesite is in good repair and properly decorated—even if you live thousands of miles away—this could be a great way to show your love and move through the grieving process at the same time.

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