Memorial Photo and Urn Tributes


Memorial Photo and Urn Tributes

Memorial Photo and Urn Tributes

Funeral planning tends to be an event that involves all of the body’s senses. From the sounds of hymns playing in the background to the scent of funeral flowers wafting in the air, a funeral is a time when we are forced to acknowledge all the things that make us human and alive: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Perhaps that is why so much emphasis is put on funeral flowers and sympathy floral displays. Not only do these fresh blooms provide a lovely scent, but they provide a colorful, unforgettable setting to an otherwise somber day.

Memorial photo and urn tributes offer a great way to take advantage of fresh floral displays while adding a more personal touch. Although you can make these on your own, you can also order them from most sympathy flower retailers.

Memorial Photo Wreaths

Wreaths are common in a funeral setting because the circular shape symbolizes the endless cycle of life and death. Most funerals have some sort of floral wreath on display, usually set up on a stand either near the casket or on top of it. These are almost always purchased as part of a burial package or by a family member who wishes to send their regards.

Many families take things one step further by placing a favorite photo of the deceased (usually blown up to a larger size) in the middle of the wreath. Banners that cut diagonally across the wreath are also fairly common. In this way, you can take an ordinary sympathy flower display and make it your own. These can typically be purchased at the florist (provided you give them a file of the photo you want used) or made by assembling the components at the funeral home.

Memorial Photo and Urn Tributes

Urn Displays

Even when there is no burial casket, it’s possible to create a visually stunning floral display. Urn displays are usually a frame of flowers set around an urn to be placed at the front of a church or room where a memorial service is being held. Like a memorial photo wreath, you can choose any combination of sympathy flowers and colors for this frame, making it unique for your family and your situation.

So, too, can these either be made at home or purchased from a reputable florist. As cremation only increases in popularity, this type of urn-specific decoration is likely to become more affordable and easy to find from funeral good providers.

Sympathy Flower Displays

Any kind of funeral flower display can be made your own with the addition of a photo, an urn, or even personal effects (such as a ballet enthusiast’s pair of pointe shoes, an avid reader’s favorite book, or a child’s stuffed plaything).

Funeral flowers are a given in almost any type of funeral setting—but the things that set your loved one apart are those small, personal touches that only you can provide. Be creative, don’t be afraid to do your own thing, and talk with your funeral director for more tips on making a floral display your own.

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