Pros and Cons of Living by a Cemetery

Pros and Cons of Living by a Cemetery

Pros and Cons of Living by a Cemetery

We all know that cemeteries are some of the most beautiful places a city has to offer. Lush and green, secluded and historic, protected from development…if you want somewhere to be alone with your thoughts (and with nature), you can’t do much better than a cemetery.

Of course, occasionally visiting a cemetery and living next door to one are two different things. Although some people are put off by the idea of viewing headstones from their porch, others take comfort in being so near a natural process of human existence. If you have ever wondered what it might be like living near a cemetery, here are a few pros and cons to consider.

Pros of Living by a Cemetery

  • Quiet: The occasional backhoe will add some noise to the backdrop, and there will be traffic coming and going all hours of the day, but you won’t find anywhere quieter to be once the sun goes down. Because most cemeteries are closed after dusk, you never have to worry about loud parties or neighbors who do not respect late-night noise ordinances.
  • No Development: Cemeteries are protected spaces, and they often have regulations against any more buildings going up within a certain zoning area. If you want to ensure that your gorgeous view remains undeveloped, cemeteries are some of the best places to look for real estate.
  • Great Parking: If you live in an urban space, parking can be difficult to come by. Cemeteries tend to offer more street parking than other types of local businesses, especially during non-peak times. This can be ideal if you entertain or have multiple drivers in your home.
  • Ambiance: Not everyone feels that cemeteries are spooky, haunted places—and most of them come with full-time landscapers, so you never have to worry about them falling into disrepair. If you find peace in this kind of setting, the ambiance of a cemetery can be one of its biggest selling points.

Cons of Living by a Cemetery

  • Vandalism: There is something about cemeteries that encourages teenagers and troublemakers to stop by in the middle of the night and stir up trouble. Be sure and ask about the rates of crime in the cemetery (you might want to check with local police rather than the cemetery or homeowner, since they may not be completely up front).
  • Busy/Peak Times: Memorial Day, winter holidays, weekends…there are times of the year when cemeteries tend to be busy with funerals, visits, and decorations. Unless the cemetery is a historic one no longer in use, you will need to prepare to share your neighborhood with mourners.
  • Resale Value: Because they have such a stigma, homes near a cemetery might not sell for as much as homes in other locations. Although you might be able to pay less for a house next to a cemetery, you will also be facing lower resale values if you decide to move later on.
  • Ambiance: Some people simply cannot handle the idea of living near a cemetery—and that is  okay. If you have any reservations about your comfort level in owning a home in this setting, it is probably best to look for a house elsewhere.

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