Sending Funeral Flowers from Grandchildren

Sending Funeral Flowers from Grandchildren

Sending Funeral Flowers from Grandchildren

If you have very young children, it might not be appropriate to bring them to the funeral of a beloved parent or grandparent. Death can be a scary experience for kids, even when it was expected or a gentle passing, and you might not be ready for the explanations that accompany a funeral.

For this reason, many families opt to leave their children with a reliable sitter and mark the occasion with funeral flowers from the grandchildren. This provides a touching tribute to your loved one without putting a strain on the very young, and also allows you to personalize the funeral in ways that will be remembered for years.

Grandchildren-Themed Funeral Flower Options

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Although any floral gift offered in full sincerity is appropriate, here are a few ways to mark the special grandparent-grandchild bond.

  • A Flower for Each Grandchild: For most people, having grandchildren (and great-grandchildren) is one of the highlights of their lives—and the more of them there are, the better. If your loved one took pride in the number of grandchildren in the family, consider placing a carnation or rose along the edge of the casket to represent each one. This beautiful and touching display provides a personal touch and also allows those grandchildren present to keep their flower or toss it into the casket according to their own wishes.
  • Grandchild Floral Displays: Along these same lines, you can also purchase one large display that incorporates the number of grandchildren in the design. Some families choose to color-coordinate these types of floral arrangements (pink for girl grandchildren, blue for boy grandchildren, etc.) for even greater personalization.
  • From the Whole Family: A growing tradition in the funeral industry is for the (adult) grandchildren of the deceased to come together to purchase a small arrangement to represent all of their love. For the loss of a grandmother, it’s appropriate for them to purchase a special bouquet to be placed in the hands of the deceased or a heart-shaped arrangement for display. For the loss of a grandfather, a hinge spray or standing arrangement is appropriate. If the grandkids aren’t old enough to cover the cost themselves, it is perfectly acceptable for their parents to step in and purchase the arrangement in their name.
  • Special Blooms: Every funeral flower carries its own meaning, so consider personalizing your floral arrangement accordingly. For grandparents, peace lilies, gladioli, chrysanthemums, and orchids are especially appropriate. You can also choose a flower that meant something special to the grandparent-grandchild relationship. (For example, a flower that grandma loved to grow in her garden.)

You can also ask your florist directly for advice and input on the best funeral flowers to give from grandchildren. Available blooms and trends tend to vary by location, so you should be able to get a more personalized arrangement that captures everything that you and your children want to say to commemorate your loss.

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