Silk Funeral Flowers

Silk Funeral Flowers

Silk Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers add a touch of elegance and comfort to a memorial service, burial service, or other funeral event. Displayed in everything from elaborate wreaths to smaller, personalized bouquets to place in the hands of the deceased, the time-honored tradition of using funeral flowers to enhance the funeral experience is one that most people recognize and appreciate.

However, funeral flowers can be expensive—especially if you are trying to cut funeral costs or are following a tight budget. There is also the matter of flowers being perishable, only usable for about a week before they must be thrown away or composted. This can seem like a waste if you are already struggling to cover the funeral bill.

Silk funeral flowers provide an affordable alternative that can still provide a touch of elegance to the funeral. Like real flowers, silk flowers can be put into arrangements for use as a corsage, boutonniere, casket arrangement, centerpiece, or to decorate the ends of pews. However, because they can be reused, they provide a more cost-effective solution.

Where to Get Silk Funeral Flowers?

Most major florists (especially those that specialize in wedding and funeral flowers) offer fake and silk flower options. Many silk bouquets are designed to look realistic and come in traditional flower colors like white, red, and pink. Some of them go beyond tradition to take on brighter hues, allowing you to personalize the funeral flowers in keeping with the funeral’s overall theme. And, like traditional flowers, they can be arranged on stands, in baskets, or as centerpieces.

Silk Funeral Flowers

With silk flowers, you also have the option of taking a DIY funeral flower route. Silk and other fabric flowers can be found at most craft stores, and come in a variety of types, colors, and sizes. If you are handy with these kinds of arrangements, you should be able to make your own displays and bring them to the funeral home at the time of the service.

Why Choose Silk Funeral Flowers

One of the best things about silk funeral flowers is their longevity. Unlike real blooms, which (unless potted) will only last about a week, silk flowers allow you to choose long-lasting, realistic arrangements that can be put on display for years to come.

Some families find that holding on to a large arrangement or hanging it in a place of prominence in the home provides a touching tribute. Others go on to put the flowers at the cemetery to adorn the grave (in keeping with the cemetery’s regulations). Still others can reuse the flowers at a later date or donate them to a church group or other organization. Because there is no expiration date, these flowers can also be put into storage until you decide what to do with them.

Funeral flowers are a great way to dress up a funeral and show your love and respect for the deceased. If live blooms are out of your budget, or if you feel they might be a waste of resources, silk flowers can provide a long-lasting solution for a fraction of the price.

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