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Cemetery Statue Meanings

Wednesday, November 29th, 2017
Cemetery Statue Meanings

Cemetery Statue Meanings

These days, gravestones and cemetery markers are simple in their design. Most of us will recognize the flat rectangles that are placed at the head of the grave, providing plenty of room for an inscription, a vase, and even an engraved image. These headstones tend to be neat and cost-effective, making them ideal for all families. (more…)

Timesharing the Family Urn

Monday, May 15th, 2017
Timesharing the Family Urn

Timesharing the Family Urn

One reason for choosing cremation over burial is that you are left with a tangible memento of your loved one. Although many people choose to scatter or bury the ashes, just as many take them home in a commemorative urn to be placed in a mantle or otherwise cherished. (more…)

How to Travel with Cremated Remains

Wednesday, May 25th, 2016
How to Travel with Cremated Remains

How to Travel with Cremated Remains

One of the nicest benefits of cremation is that you are not restricted in how you transport your loved one. Because you do not have to worry about health and sanitation restrictions, you can take the remains with you when you move, travel overseas, or come up with a plan for the disposal of the ashes. (more…)

DIY Cremation Urns

Thursday, March 24th, 2016
DIY Cremation Urns

DIY Cremation Urns

If you are hoping to lower funeral costs and also personalize a memorial ceremony beyond the usual lineup of music-slideshow-eulogy, you may want to consider making your own cremation urn. Although you will need to have some artistic and/or woodworking skills to reach your desired result, you might be surprised at how many unique (and affordable) options are out there. (more…)

10 Ways to Dispose of a Loved One’s Ashes

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

Loved one's ashes in a delicate urnCremation is gaining traction as the funeral planning method of choice, with over a third of Americans opting to be cremated over being buried. These numbers are only expected to continue rising, and estimates suggest that over half of all deaths will end in cremation by the year 2020.

Of course, just because cremation is becoming more popular doesn’t mean everyone will have to dispose of the ashes in the same way. One of the best things about cremation is how creative you can get with the remains. Here are ten unique and not-so-unique ways to say goodbye to your loved one.

  1. Display the Urn: Although some people find it macabre to keep a loved one’s ashes displayed on the mantle, this is a traditional option for anyone who wants to stay near their dear and departed. A decorative urn can be placed in the home or in a columbarium for regular visitations.
  1. Ash Scattering Ceremony: Most people opt to scatter the cremated remains of a loved one. Whether you go out back in the garden or stand on the bow of a boat and send the ashes off to sea, scattering the ashes is a great way to say goodbye (just make sure you have the right permits first) (more…)

Why It Makes Sense to Prepay for Cremation

Thursday, July 4th, 2013

Why it Makes Sense to Prepay for CremationPlanning a funeral in advance is often held up as the ideal way in which to approach your financial affairs. After all, when you pre-plan a funeral, you can make all the money decisions and funeral arrangements ahead of time, leaving your family free to deal with their loss without additional strain. From choosing your casket to buying a burial plot, you’ve got it all covered.

Preplanning a cremation is a bit different. Because a cremation doesn’t cost as much as a traditional funeral, and because the process tends to be simpler from start to finish, making advance arrangements for a cremation is not as common. Of course, that doesn’t mean it’s a bad idea. Here are a few reasons why we think prepaying for a cremation makes good sense.

  • You Want Cremation: Though widely accepted by most religions and families in the United States, cremation is by no means as mainstream as traditional burial. If you feel strongly about your desire to be cremated, it’s a good idea to do all the planning (and prepaying) yourself. This way, there will be no question about your wishes.
  • You Have Specific Plans: The thing about cremation is that it can be just as varied as traditional funerals. Do you want your ashes to be kept in an urn in a columbarium, or scattered out to sea? Do you prefer direct cremation with a minimal fuss? Would you like your ashes to be buried in a coral reef or shot into space? If there’s anything out of the ordinary that you want at your funeral, now is a good time to make sure it’s attended to.
  • You Have Questions: Although you can research cremation options online, there’s nothing quite like sitting down with a funeral director or funeral preplan professional to get all the answers. If you have any worries or concerns about the cremation process, about cremation costs, or about what it means for your family, talk with someone who can put you in touch with a reputable prepaid cremation provider.
  • Your Finances are Unstable: Because cremation typically costs less than regular burial, many people think it’s not as big of a deal to put it off until after death occurs. However, the lower cost of cremation also means that it’s more affordable to prepay. If your finances are in a questionable state, or if you can handle smaller, monthly payments more easily than a lump sum, it might be a good idea to prepay for services now.

Cremation is the right choice for a lot of people. Prepaying for a funeral is the right choice for a lot of people, as well. Combining the two can be a great way to save money, settle your affairs, and relieve your family of much of the pressures that accompany death.

Cremation Urn Alternatives

Thursday, May 16th, 2013

Cremation Urn AlternativesFuneral planning traditions exist for a reason—to provide a time-honored and familiar ritual for those who are lost in their bereavement. People derive quite a bit of comfort from familiarity, and even though funerals tend to be somber affairs, they provide a place for people to turn when they need it most.

So what do you do when it’s not tradition that brings you joy? What funeral options are available to you if you’d rather not perform the same rituals being done all over the world?


Children attending Pet Funerals

Saturday, November 3rd, 2012

Children attending Pet FuneralsWhen a beloved pet dies, it’s common for people to go through traditional funeral planning steps. Pet caskets, pet cemeteries and cremation services, and other memorial options all exist to help you cope with the loss of your animal companion, and there is a growing trend in the funeral industry to put people in contact with the necessary resources to help with this kind of loss.


Pet Memorial Gift Ideas

Monday, February 27th, 2012

Pet Memorial Gift IdeasMemorial gifts are a common way of demonstrating your grief and supporting a family member or friend as they move through their grief. The practice of offering a memorial gift (such as funeral flowers or an engraved memento) is one that has been increasing in popularity—and for more than just our human friends.

Losing a Pet

The loss of a pet can be as devastating as the loss of a human being, especially if someone has had their feline or canine companion for decades. For some people, moving on is as simple as finding a new four-legged friend; for others, it may be impossible to ever get over the death of a pet.


Express Your Love with a Custom Cremation Urn

Friday, February 10th, 2012

Express Your Love with a Custom Cremation UrnBy Melody Jamali, CEO of Une Belle Vie Memorial Urns

Oftentimes, when a loved one passes away and they are cremated, you may feel pressured to make a selection quickly so that the cremation urn will be delivered as soon as possible. Sometimes this results in urn selections that are not the right fit for the deceased. The fact of the matter is you do not have a deadline to select or create your loved one’s urn. Take all the time you need to make a selection that feels right. In fact, for a way to perfectly honor your family member’s life, why not commission a custom cremation urn? They may take longer to receive, but in the end, you’ll have a lasting memorial created just for your loved one.