How to Write a Thank You Note to a Funeral Home

How to Write a Thank You Note to a Funeral Home

How to Write a Thank You Note to a Funeral Home

When you are coping with the loss of a loved one, some of the most important support you will get does not come from friends or family – it comes from the funeral home staff. These professionals are educated and trained to help you make burial decisions, plan a funeral, and access the support services you need as you move forward with your life. The staff is available to listen when you need it, and often provide around-the-clock answers to all your questions.

In almost all cases, it is appropriate (and welcomed!) for you to send a thank you card once the funeral services have concluded. Although we do not suggest you send flowers (they get more than enough of the leftovers from funerals as it is), a quick note is a great way to get closure and show your appreciation.

  1. Thank the staff by name, whenever possible. In all the hustle of planning a funeral, you might not remember the names of all the people who helped you, but personalize the note as much as possible. You can address the note to the funeral director and ask him/her to share the message with the staff.
  2. Include specific gestures. If something that the funeral director did or said had a positive impact on you (either emotionally, spiritually, or financially), be sure to mention it. Often, funeral directors will use this information to better serve other families in the future.
  3. Write from the heart. Do not be afraid of going overboard on the sentiment. Funeral staff workers see people during literally the darkest moments of their lives. Speaking from your heart and sharing your feelings will be welcomed rather than shunned.
  4. Indicate the possibility of a referral. As much as funeral workers love helping people, they are also running a business. If you appreciate their service enough to provide world-of-mouth referrals, be sure and say so. This is the ultimate compliment you can pay.

It is not necessary to send any kind of gift along with the card. Simply have all the family members sign it and send it any time in the weeks following the funeral.

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