Everything You Need to Know about Funeral Costs

Everything You Need to Know about Funeral CostsWhen it comes to questions about funeral planning, almost everyone wants to know more about money. How much does it cost to have a funeral? How can I cut back and save money on funeral plans? What is the cheapest burial option?

Although funeral prices will always vary depending on location and the type of ceremony you choose, most funeral homes follow a similarly prescribed format. Here are some of our best questions-and-answers regarding money, funerals, and how to get the most out of both.

Funeral Pricing Information

Everything You Need to Know about Funeral Costs
  • Why do funerals cost so much? Contrary to popular belief, it’s not that funeral homes are taking advantage of consumers—it’s all the hard work and red tape that goes into the process.
  • If you want more information on pricing, our most comprehensive funeral cost guide breaks a funeral down into each of its parts, allowing you a glimpse at where you can expect your money to go.
  • Like many kinds of large purchases, it’s not the big-ticket item that costs the most, but the small add-ons. Here are a few hidden funeral costs you should be aware of.

Getting Help with Funeral Costs

  • You can also consider a green funeral or burial as a way to save money while also helping give back to the environment.

Additional Funeral Cost Issues

Paying for a funeral doesn’t have to be a hassle. Although there will always be some financial strain associated with burial (unless the deceased handled everything in advance), there are options available that allow you to save money and still hold a funeral that honors and respects the deceased.

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