Personalizing Cremation Urns

Personalizing Cremation UrnsOne of the best ways to make funeral planning a little bit easier on the whole family is to stay true to traditions while also respecting the wishes of the deceased. If you or a loved one has decided on cremation, you’ve taken a great first step in saving on funeral costs, providing a more green funeral approach, and in holding true to your own beliefs.

However, choosing cremation doesn’t mean you are choosing to fly in the face of tradition. Thanks to great options in cremation urns, you can combine the more traditional aspects of burial arrangements with cremation to plan a funeral that meets everyone’s expectations.

Types of Cremation Urns

Cremation urns run the range of simple boxes that make it easy to scatter the remains of the deceased in a beloved location to more elaborate marble structures that can be permanently placed. Regardless of what type of cremation urn you choose, the underlying purpose is the same—to hold the cremated ashes of the deceased in a way that fits with his or her wishes for the afterlife.

Cremation urns can be made of just about any metal or stone. Some of the more popular construction materials include:

• Bronze
• Stainless Steel
• Copper
• Pewter
• Ceramic
• Brass
• Hardwood
• Marble

Personalizing Cremation Urns

All of these different types come with their pros and cons; for example, the pewter and brass urns tend to be more cost effective, while hardwoods and marble provide a beautiful, glossy finish. At the same time, your intended use of the urn will dictate which material you choose. More permanent placement works best with marble urns or stainless steel urns, while hardwood urns often complement a mantlepiece or other interior décor.

Can I Personalize a Cremation Urn?

Many people fear cremation because they believe it depersonalizes the burial process. When you bury a loved one, you must choose a casket, choose a burial plot, and choose a headstone—so there is plenty of room for you to incorporate those personal touches. Cremation tends to take these touches away, especially if you forgo a body viewing or formal interment.

Personalized urns allow you to straddle the line between burial and cremation. Many types of urn manufacturers and funeral homes allow you to include engravings and emblems. In addition to names, dates, and poems, you can include military insignias, colorful attributes, or even nameplates or displays to go alongside the urn.

For those who want an even more unique cremation experience, there are also cremation keepsake options that allow you to wear or incorporate the cremains into a work of art. For example, cremation jewelry can be made that contains some of the cremated remains, allowing more than one family member can carry around a piece of the deceased. Other options might include decorative boxes or statues for the mantlepiece or other display area.

If you are planning a funeral either for yourself or a loved one, be sure and consider all your burial options. Although cremation and cremation urns aren’t for everyone, they can provide a great way to respect the deceased through tradition while also embracing a more modern way to dispose of the bodily remains.

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