Top Ten Funeral Songs

Top Ten Funeral Songs

Top 10 funeral songs

In times of heartbreak, music has a way of saying what words cannot. Although planning a funeral doesn’t have to include a musical component, many families opt to have songs played during the memorial service, as guests arrive and depart, or when the casket is lowered. From popular ballads to hymns, music allows guests to tap into their emotions and connect with the deceased.

While many families choose songs that meant something specific to the deceased, others turn to familiar comforts that all guests can identify with. Here are ten of the more popular funeral songs.

  1. Somewhere Over the Rainbow: Although there are dozens of good versions of this song, one of the most popular is that by Israel “Iz” Kamakawiwoʻole.

  2. Wind Beneath My Wings: Bette Midler’s song might be slightly out of date for popular audiences, but this tune is a timeless reminder of how much a single person can touch our lives.

  3. My Heart Will Go On: This highly recognizable Celine Dion song provides uplifting hope and the right amount of sentimentality for a funeral.

  4. Unforgettable: For an older, more upbeat tune, consider Nat King Cole’s “Unforgettable.”

  5. Wonderful World: Louis Armstrong provides a comforting tune that reminds us all how important our time on this planet is.

    Top Ten Funeral Songs
  6. Funeral for a Friend: This song by Elton John is meant to provide a thoughtful, mournful look at death and dying, but it is perhaps his “Candle in the Wind” that is more popular at funerals and memorial services.

  7. Tears in Heaven: Especially apt for funerals of children, Eric Clapton’s “Tears in Heaven” is one that tugs on the heartstrings.

  8. Beyond the Sea: Bobby Darin’s popular song falls in line with Louis Armstrong and Nat King Cole as a way to bridge the past with today and also provide comfort to grieving family members.

  9. Stairway to Heaven: This Led Zeppelin song is lengthy, but it is popular among younger guests and is also highly recognizable as a song for mourning.

  10. Knocking on Heaven’s Door: Although this song has been remade countless times, it’s Bob Dylan’s soulful version that makes this list for its raw honesty.

Whether played on a sound system, performed live, or used as gentle background music, these funeral songs bring comfort when words cannot. Choose among popular favorites and the deceased’s preferred tastes, and you’ll make a funeral soundtrack worthy of remembering.

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