Travel for a Funeral

Travel for a FuneralFuneral planning can be hard enough, but when you factor in needing to travel to get there, it makes a difficult situation that much more complicated. While nothing can ease the emotional load of the event, there are a few tips that you can follow that will make your funeral plan easier
on you and on your budget.

Sometimes we know when a loved one is about to pass on, but other times the death can come as a shock. When this happens, finding last minute travel arrangements can be difficult. Fortunately, many airlines offer discounted rates for bereavement travel for when you can’t pre plan your funeral travel needs. You may need to prove that the death has indeed occurred, so be prepared to provide documentation.

If you do choose to fly to your destination, make your funeral preparations in advance. Take a carry on bag instead of checking your luggage because this is no time to have to find a new outfit if your funeral attire goes missing. Be sure to pack a wide assortment of color-coordinated outfits so that you have what you need for a variety of social events. Funeral etiquette may require more formal attire, but the dress code for other gatherings may be looser, so be sure to have a funeral planning checklist.

Travel for a Funeral

If flying isn’t an option, oftentimes taking a train or a bus to your destination will be an option. In both of these cases, your luggage will fortunately be on the same vehicle. If it is a long trip, however, you may arrive a bit bedraggled or worn out. Be sure to plan ahead for the burial arrangements and give yourself enough time to rest and clean up before any of your social obligations.

If you aren’t planning to fly to your destination, you are most likely driving to the services. If this is the case, take some time to think through your plans. Are you in an emotional state where it is safe to drive? If your concentration is not up to 100 percent, you may be better off taking that train or a bus in order to keep you and other drivers safe on the road.

When you travel such a long distance, try to get advance knowledge of the funeral program schedule. There may be many events associated with the services, from dinners with family to cemetery services, and you need to know which ones you will be attending. Be sure to plan for the funeral by giving yourself enough time to get into town and to settle in wherever you are staying. You’ll want some buffer time in case you need to be alone to think, or even if you just need time to freshen up your funeral attire.

Pre planning funerals isn’t always possible, but there are ways to make the situation easier. Be sure that you are safe to operate a car, and to make other arrangements if you are too distracted to drive. If you fly, be aware of bereavement discounts that may apply. Also, keep funeral attire etiquette in mind as you plan for the funeral, and make sure that you have the outfits and the time to make yourself presentable after you arrive.

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