What to Wear to a Funeral When You Are Expecting

What to Wear to a Funeral When You Are Expecting

What to Wear to a Funeral When You Are Expecting

The old funeral superstitions say that pregnant women should not attend funerals, for fear that the spirits of the dead will somehow enter their womb and take over their unborn child. While we have pretty much laid those fears to rest these days, expectant mothers still sometimes struggle with attending the service. With maternity clothes so expensive and limited wardrobe options at home, it can be hard to figure out what to wear to a funeral when you are pregnant.

Here are a few options for making the most of your wardrobe and presenting a polished look without purchasing an entirely new outfit you will wear once.

  • Consignment Shop: Because maternity clothes are only worn for a short period of time, they tend to fill up consignment shops. Visit a second-hand store and look for something in a somber, formal hue that fits.
  • Shop Online: Buying clothes online is usually easier and more inexpensive than shopping in stores (especially if you do not have the energy to head out to the mall right now). Find somewhere that offers discounted prices and expedited shipping so your outfit will arrive in time for the funeral.
  • Men’s Clothes: If your husband has a large dark sweater that fits, try borrowing it for the funeral. Layer a men’s suit jacket or oversized cardigan over a long dress or maternity slacks. You do not have to be dressed 100 percent in black—just a touch will be enough to give the proper appearance of mourning.
  • Pajama/Yoga Pants: If you are like most pregnant women, the only thing you are wearing these days are light cotton pants in stretchy fabrics. Go for it. Wear the black yoga pants or stretchy dark leggings (just make sure you pair them with a nicer top), since chances are nobody will notice anyway. You can even buy a new pair for the funeral and continue wearing them as your pregnancy (and post-pregnancy) body keeps changing.
  • Empire-Waist Dress: Empire-waist dresses can be a good investment at a time like this. They do not have to be maternity to fit a pregnant belly, and you might be able to continue wearing the dress even after your little one is born.

Above all else, it is a good idea to accept that you most likely won’t be the nicest-dressed person in attendance. And that is okay. At times like these, when grief is overwhelming and your hormones are already out of balance, the most important thing is to take care of yourself. Put on a floral skirt with an elastic band. Go with lighter colors you would not normally wear in a situation like this. You can always make up for the less formal clothes by paying extra attention to your hair and accessories.

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